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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Thu Feb 21, 2002  12:01 am
Subject:  Michelle Trzecinski's Family ;-))

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February 20, 2002

>Hi Val, Thank You!..Michelle


Hello Michelle!
I do remember you....back in 1997 we wrote to each other on email. I
remember that you are Deaf, and that you live in Wisconsin....and a
distant cousin of yours, with the last name of Trzecinski, wrote to
me from Hamburg. Is it Stephanie Trzecinski? I am not sure of her
name now...and she is a hearing person who was studying in Deaf
Education at the University of Hamburg, in Germany in 1997, but she
was really from Poland? is that right?

That was an amazing both wrote to me simultaneously, on
the same day, and yet neither of you had been in contact with each
other for many years...when I saw two messages from Trzecinski in my
email box, I assumed you were the same person, until I realized you
were two very different people, so I mentioned to you that I just got
a message from another Trzecinski, and it turned out you were long
lost relatives!! That was a lot of made me feel good to put
you two in contact with each other ;-)

I hope I have not confused you with another Trzecinski - ha!!

How are you, and all your relatives? smile....Val ;-)

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