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From:  Michelle Trzecinski
Date:  Thu Feb 21, 2002  12:18 am
Subject:  Re: Michelle Trzecinski's Family ;-))

Hi Val, Actually, I lost contract with Sephanie. She is from Germany..My Mom
is German. Thanks, Michelle

P.S. Can you give her e-mail again?....Thanks!

I also have other cousin..his name is Jim Mooney and want to learn sign
language..I will give you his e-mail address again!...Okay!..Thanks,

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From: "Valerie Sutton"
Sent: Wednesday, February 20, 2002 4:01 PM
Subject: Michelle Trzecinski's Family ;-))

> SignWriting List
> February 20, 2002
> >Hi Val, Thank You!..Michelle
> --------
> Hello Michelle!
> I do remember you....back in 1997 we wrote to each other on email. I
> remember that you are Deaf, and that you live in Wisconsin....and a
> distant cousin of yours, with the last name of Trzecinski, wrote to
> me from Hamburg. Is it Stephanie Trzecinski? I am not sure of her
> name now...and she is a hearing person who was studying in Deaf
> Education at the University of Hamburg, in Germany in 1997, but she
> was really from Poland? is that right?
> That was an amazing both wrote to me simultaneously, on
> the same day, and yet neither of you had been in contact with each
> other for many years...when I saw two messages from Trzecinski in my
> email box, I assumed you were the same person, until I realized you
> were two very different people, so I mentioned to you that I just got
> a message from another Trzecinski, and it turned out you were long
> lost relatives!! That was a lot of made me feel good to put
> you two in contact with each other ;-)
> I hope I have not confused you with another Trzecinski - ha!!
> How are you, and all your relatives? smile....Val ;-)

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