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From:  Trevor Jenkins
Date:  Thu Dec 3, 1998  3:34 pm
Subject:  Re: why deaf people didn't learn signwrite?

> I read what Lourdes wrote and I have to agree with what she said. We,
> profoundly deaf, do have a hard time with grammars, huge vocabulary, etc. I
> dont know why is that.

I can't say why this is a problem for the Deaf but I do know that it is
problem for hearers. My observation may be limited to the British culture. It
(my observation) may also be applicable to other cultures too.

I am currently learning BSL and have previously learnt Swedish and tentative
attempts at New Testament Greek, Russian, Portugese and French. My knowledge
of English grammar is non-existent. I was not taught it formally during my
"high school" years. What I do know of Engish grammar I have learnt from
studying Swedish and those other languages. I do know about grammar as I have
studied formal languages as part of my university courses in computing
science; why I ever wrote programming language compilers for a living.

Whilst learning BSL and also when learning Swedish I too was hampered by a
lack of vocabulary. It is certain possible to communicate with English
speakers using no more than 2,000 words.

I fear that we are all ill-served by our education systems. It does not bode
well for the general adoption of SignWriting in the public schools of either
of our countries.

Regards, Trevor


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