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From:  Francis Bezellain
Date:  Thu Dec 3, 1998  7:37 am
Subject:  Re: why deaf people didn't learn signwrite?


You mean you started this signwriting 25 years ago? How long did this
signwriting get generated? I mean how did you get other people to know about
this signwriting project when you started?

I bet it took a while to get this out to other people about this SW. I hope I
am not confusing everyone here on the list on what I am trying to say or
question about this. Sometimes I do confuse myself! Heh heh

I read what Lourdes wrote and I have to agree with what she said. We,
profoundly deaf, do have a hard time with grammars, huge vocabulary, etc. I
dont know why is that. I used to think it had to do with the teacher not
sitting down to take the time to work with the student in preparing what to
expect when we face the hearing world when we get older. I still have a hard
time facing the hearing world since I am unable to talk. Yes, I'm mute as
well as completely deaf. When I go into my pockets to get the little notebook
out to write (my way of communication if others do not know sign language),
others think I am about to pull out a gun or a knife.

I'm a big on dreamer here. I had dream where everyone knows ASL so that we
all can communicate. I am sure alot of people dream that EVERYONE speaks one
language so that everyone can understand rather than going thru school to
learn other languages. Language is a beautiful form of art and it is cool to
learn it. If we all spoke the same language then what is art anyway, eh?

Sorry I'm rambling on here. I'll zip my fingers and let all of you rest your
eyes from reading all this. :-) But thanks for letting me share what I have
to say here.


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