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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sun Feb 24, 2002  6:23 am
Subject:  Re: SSS conversion?

SignWriting List
February 23, 2002

Hello Dan!
I think your work with Antonio Carlos is really great.... I look
forward to seeing your program when it is ready...

The 1999 symbols were designed by SignWriter 5.0. I
worked on them for a whole year...all of of course it
isn't controversial! Thank you for the compliment ;-)

And yes of course there is a Conversion program, plus four PDF
documents listing the conversion information...I had given all these
to Antonio Carlos years ago, so I thought maybe you had them already.

You can download them on this web page:

The Swiss Noah document I did recently for the Zurich project, was
converted from the 1995 symbol set (SW4.4) to the 1999 symbol set
(SW5.0) with the Conversion Program. I can open SignWriter 5.0 on my
Macintosh, and it automatically converts a SW4.4 SGN file to a SW5.0
SGN file, with some difficulty though - there are some glitches,
unfortunately, relating to the rotations of a few symbols like arm
lines, and plain squares...

I had a good meeting with our SignBank programmer today, and around
March 18th, he will hand me the beta test version with some
improvements -

Mohamed sent me four PDF files in Arabic today - God bless him! That
must have been a big job! Thank you, Mohamed....

I am taking the day off tomorrow - I am really tired and
strangely...I must teach myself to take breaks - it is so rare that I
ever stop to rest....Think I can do it? ;-)))

Val ;-)


>Dear Val (or anybody!),
>I don't think it's too controversial to say that the 1999 GIFs provided
>by Antonio Carlos are, well, nicer-looking than the 1995 ones, if for no
>other reasons than that they are better drawn and provide all the
>variations on the arrow symbols without having to fill them in
>algorithmically. What I'm looking for is a conversion chart from the
>1995 SSS to the 1999 one. If none is available, I'll go head and
>construct one by hand.
>I'm working on a utility to convert SWML files to graphics fit for
>displaying on the web. Antonio Carlos and I have also been discussing
>extending SWML to allow for tagging (important for corpus work) as well
>as efficient search algorithms (ditto), which would allow ultimately for
>searches like "Look for all tokens where the dominant hand is moving
>towards the body in the comment part of a topic-comment construction."
>Anyway, is such a conversion chart in existence?

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