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From:  Dan Parvaz
Date:  Sat Feb 23, 2002  5:29 am
Subject:  SSS conversion?

Dear Val (or anybody!),

I don't think it's too controversial to say that the 1999 GIFs provided
by Antonio Carlos are, well, nicer-looking than the 1995 ones, if for no
other reasons than that they are better drawn and provide all the
variations on the arrow symbols without having to fill them in
algorithmically. What I'm looking for is a conversion chart from the
1995 SSS to the 1999 one. If none is available, I'll go head and
construct one by hand.

I'm working on a utility to convert SWML files to graphics fit for
displaying on the web. Antonio Carlos and I have also been discussing
extending SWML to allow for tagging (important for corpus work) as well
as efficient search algorithms (ditto), which would allow ultimately for
searches like "Look for all tokens where the dominant hand is moving
towards the body in the comment part of a topic-comment construction."

Anyway, is such a conversion chart in existence?



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