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From:  Roving Reporter
Date:  Fri Dec 4, 1998  2:29 am
Subject:  Re: SW-L Digest - 2 Dec 1998 to 3 Dec 1998

I think it would help Deaf children who learn ASL first
if they can read signs side-by-side with English translations.
Why? Because if you explain something in ASL on your hands,
it's a different modality, and there's no chance to review
the explanation. If you watch an ASL video, it's a different
modality and there is time lost in putting the tape back if
you want to see the explanation again. But in writing, you
can see the explanation right there, and review it easily
in as many different ways as you feel like. I think when
you are doing something new, you might forget what was told
to you, but in writing, it's reinforced.

And as for why Signwriting, well, you can't really take
a video into the bathroom to read, or carry it around to
look at while you wait for the bus, etc. There are many
places people can read, but not so many places where they
can watch a video. So I think just like there are places
where hearing people carry a book of their language, I am
sure Deaf people will like to develop a habit of reading
ASL. And who knows, probably the very ones who today hate
to read English will tomorrow love to read ASL!

Therese Shellabarger - Shalom chaverot!
See Deaf Expo at
Unless explicitly stated to the contrary, nothing here
should be regarded as representing my employer's opinions.

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