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From:  Dawn Colvin
Date:  Fri Dec 4, 1998  5:09 am
Subject:  about me

It was mentioned to me that I should introduce myself to the list, so here

My name is Dawn. I am currently teaching a Kindergarten self-contained
class. I have a couple of students that are mainstreamed 1 hour a day in the
afternoon and should be moving on to 1/2 day mainstreamed. Oh, my kids are
all-day kindergarten. This is my second year of teaching, last year I taught
2nd grade co-enrollment. Co-enrollment is where there are 2 teachers that
sign for themselves, 1 reg ed teacher and 1 teacher of the Deaf. All of the
students either already know sign language or are learning and must continue
to show an interest to continue in the co-enrollment setting.

I have 2 BS degrees, one in Speech Pathology and one in Deaf Education. I
also have an Associates degree in interpreting, all of which I recieved from
Oklahoma. I currently teach in Las Vegas, NV.

I was very curious when I found the information on SignWriting. I had never
heard of it before 2 days ago. I am looking forward to getting my information
in the mail. I copied a page from the site and took it to school. Some of
the other teachers and aides have heard of SignWriting but have never looked
into it. At first I wasn't too sure, because I was having trouble reading the
signs. After I looked over the site and the page I copied... I found that it
really isn't that difficult at all. We are all actually looking forward to
reviewing the information that I will be getting in the mail.

I am not sure exactly what else I should say... so guess that is it. I am
really excited to see how this could work with our deaf students. Most all of
them have problems with english grammar, due to the fact that they sign, and
most have parents that speak another language and write another language at
home. So they have more than one thing going on with their language.

Have a wonderful rest of the week. Dawn

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