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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Wed Mar 6, 2002  5:42 pm
Subject:  What in the world is Valerie doing?!

SignWriting List
March 6, 2002

My dear friends -
I bet you are wondering what in the world I am doing these days?!

Grin....well....Let me tell you what I am doing TODAY...

Bill Reese has completed two wonderful CDs for SignWriting:

SignWriting 2001 CD
The SignWriting Web Site, captured September, 2001

SignWriting 2002 CD
Nine SignWriting-Related Web Sites, captured February 2002

Bill has done a lot of work, so you can imagine my joy when I
received the master copies of these cds in the mail yesterday!

So now I am testing the cds, and figuring out how to make copies.
Bill and I are also working on the designing and printing of cd
labels and back inserts.

The purpose of the cds? If you do not have an internet connection,
you can access the nine web sites by placing the cd in your cd tray,
and accessing the cd instead of the internet...So it feels like you
are on the web, but actually, you are only working on your cd....This
saves a lot of internet costs, and for some people, this will give
them access to the web for the first time in their lives.

I have learned one thing so far. Although an internet connection is
not needed, you do have to have browser software, such as Internet
Explorer or Netscape, installed on your computer, or the cd cannot that is one thing I will have to explain to
fact, in the future it would be great if we can get permission to
include a copy of Internet Explorer on the cd so it is completely
self-contained...especially for people with old computers....but I
will have to get permission from Microsoft for that.

Anyway, all nine web sites look terrific on the cd!!

In time, I hope to offer these cds on I have no idea if
anyone will want to buy it, but you never know!

Plus I will send copies of the cd to the three other
webmasters....Stefan, Jerry and Antonio Carlos - your cd copies will
arrive in the mail one of these days! Many thanks for your
contributions to making a great cd....and thanks to Bill Reese, for a
great job....

Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton

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