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From:  Stefan Woehrmann2
Date:  Wed Mar 6, 2002  5:04 pm
Subject:  Re: Stefan's birthday

Hi Henk an List,
thanks for feed-back. Attached is the original .sgn file  .
You have to copy it to your SW44 folder. Then you can look at it or print it with the wonderfull SignWriter44 -programm
On the other hand. My message was only meant as kind of funny experiment. All we can learn from this may be that -- if a SW-scribe has got no idea whatsoever about a given SL  - but nevertheless tries to express an idea just by copying and pasting SW-signs from the dictionary of the wonderfull SignWriter 4.4  program that there may be a chance for the competent and informed reader to understand the idea. 
Please do not try to learn ASL - structures or SW- spelling from these documents. I have got no idea about the ASL - signs. I am not the one who decided to write the spelling this way. I am simply a dicitonary - user - ha !  So thank you so much to the people who put so much energy, time, competence and love into this dictionary that any newcomer to SW who is competent in ASL could start after a few minutes of instruction to write his /her  own very first document !!!!
Well I understand the movements as they are written - but I have got no idea wether any skilled ASL - user would choose these signs and I bet that most competent SW readers smile about the structure of my lines ??? I  simply looked for the english words and tried to find signs that hopefully are acceptable within the given context -
In Germany the hearing people sing this "Happy birthday to you " the way I wrote it -  hm
On the other hand - it really shows that SW and the computer programm is a very precious gift that allows us to create written literature within a few minutes !! I am looking forward that all of us will take advantage from the gigantic SignBank - project !  To be able to compare several different SL  of the world and even more to find the meaning of a given sign in the direction from sign to word search - that seems to become like magic !  This weekend I watched a program for the Deaf on TV and a competent signer talked about several cities in Italy - I never saw these name-signs before and started to write them in SW . It would be great to look at country names and other signs from the perspective of the Deaf who are living there !!!
I am sorry but I tried to write the sign for "third"  October  ;-(
Best wishes and yes - L.I.F.E
Stefan ;-)
PS. I will answer your message about spellingquestions soon -
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From: Henk Pel
Sent: Wednesday, March 06, 2002 12:24 AM
Subject: Stefan's birthday

Hi Stefan and List,

It is nice to see those messages in SignWriting. We have marked Oct. 30 on the calendar. The only thing that frustrates us a bit Stefan is that you sent it in a format that we are not familiar with. Yes, we were able to read it from the screen, but we love to print it as well. Your last message is 15 lines long and our printer only prints the first 8 lines, even when we put in longer paper. The last 7 lines just won’t print.  Can you keep that in mind please for future messages? Tini and I like your idea and your messages are proof that it is a good way to communicate with people all over the world.



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