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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Thu Mar 7, 2002  5:16 pm
Subject:  Re: Pasting signs from the SW4.4 dictionary...

SignWriting List
March 7, 2002

Stefan wrote:
>On the other hand. My message was only meant as kind of funny
>experiment. All we can learn from this may be that -- if a SW-scribe
>has got no idea whatsoever about a given SL - but nevertheless
>tries to express an idea just by copying and pasting SW-signs from
>the dictionary of the wonderfull SignWriter 4.4 program that there
>may be a chance for the competent and informed reader to understand
>the idea.


Yes...I believe you are right, Stefan - Certainly I can read
is little like interpreters...sometimes some Deaf people cannot
understand some interpreters, if they are signing in English word
order...there may be some who can understand though - so I am sure
there will always be people who can read the signs in English word
order...but true ASL still needs to establish writing rules and in
time that will happen - but not overnight! Val ;-)

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