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From:  Nobukatsu Minoura
Date:  Sun Mar 17, 2002  4:23 pm
Subject:  Re: Names for sign languages

on 3/17/02 10:35 AM, Dan Parvaz at wrote:

>> shuwa = hand (shu) talk (wa) = sign language
>> shouyu = hand (shou) language (yu)
>> suhwa = hand (su) talk (hwa)
>> su'o = hand (su) language (o)
> Hm. Are they all written the same way in Chinese/Kanji/Hanja ( $B<jOC (B)? If
> so, all new confusion. ^_^ You'd need the country name, as you said ( $BF|K\
> (B
> $B<jOC (B, etc.)

Japanese shuwa and Korean suhwa are written HAND + TALK using Chinese

Likewise, Chinese shouyu and Korean su'o are written HAND + LANGUAGE/WORD.

The Japanese cognate compound of the latter, *shugo cannot be used because
it would be homophonous with shugo (main + word = subject), which is not the
case in Chinese or Korean.

BTW, whether to use acronyms (ASL, BSL, LSF, LSQ, etc.) or other names
(Auslan, etc.) is a problem "in English."

In spoken/written Japanese, the names of sign languages are either <country
name> + shuwa or acronyms in English (or in some other European languages).

Japanese SL: Nihon Shuwa or JSL (Jee Esu Eru)
Korean SL: Kankoku Shuwa or KSL (Kee Esu Eru)
ASL: Amerika Shuwa or ASL (Ee Esu Eru)
BSL: Igirisu Shuwa or BSL (Bii Esu Eru)
LSF: Furansu Shuwa or LSF (Eru Esu Efu)
LSQ: Kebekku Shuwa or LSQ (Eru Esu Kyuu)
DGS: Doitsu Shuwa or DGS (Dii Jii Esu)
NGT: Oranda Shuwa or NGT (Enu Jii Tii)???
Auslan: Oosutoraria Shuwa (The phonetic translation "Oosuran" is hardly

In JSL, the names are usually <country name> + <shuwa = sign>. But younger
people who know ASL and/or International Sign also use the one-handed
American or International finger alphabet for the English (or European)

Nobukatsu Minoura
Tokyo University of Foreign Studies

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