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From:  Flavio Medina
Date:  Tue Mar 19, 2002  1:47 am
Subject:  Re: Names for sign languages

> Names like "Auslan" and "Libras" use
> "blending" instead of
> initials to shorten long names. I'm wondering what
> strategies are used in
> languages outside of Western Europe. Dan and
> Mohamed, you know more about
> the Arabic traditions than I do. And what about
> East and South Asia?

I know that in Japan the "initials" techinique is
widely used when it comes to English words (as the
Japanese use an astonishing huge amount of English
words), and in "Japanese English" (English adapted to
one of their alphabet systems, the katakana), the
blending is widely used. For example, "personal
computer" is "paso-kon" (from the "katakana"zated
"pasonaru konpyutaa"), and "mail address" becomes
"meru-ado". If it sounds really funny, then, yeah,
that's because it IS really funny... When it comes to
Japanese words, they use blending widely. For example,
"nyuugaku shiken" (nyuugaku=entrance to school,
shiken=tests,examinations) becames the short "nyuushi"
meaning "university entrance examinations".

Ok, that was it.


PS: Japanese Sign Language is known as JSL. And we
don't use BSL for LIBRAS because there is already
British Sign Language. Many people in Brazil started
using the term LSB to refer to LIBRAS recently...

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