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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Tue Mar 19, 2002  10:51 pm
Subject:  Printing Problems, SignWriter 4.4

Tech Support question from Henk Pel:
>I need some help again. We still have the same printer - DeskJet
>932C by Hewlett Packard, but it is now hooked up to a USB port. I
>looked up the setup in SignWriter Manual 4.3 , section -4- and
>followed the First Time Setup. I think my trouble is when I come to
>section -5- to set the interface. When I pres the 'I' key, I get 5
>choices; 1-COM1 2-COM2 3-LPT1 4-LPT2 5-FILE. I tried them all
>without success. When I try to print a message PRINING ERROR - PRESS
>RETURN appears. Do you have any suggestion? Sorry to bother you
>with this, but I'm really stuck. Henk


SignWriting List
March 19, 2002

Hello Henk -
Thanks for your message. I can feel your frustration! I am posting my
answer to the SW List, since others may have the same frustrations...

SignWriter 4.4 is in MS-DOS. Because it is an old program, it has
problems with some modern printers. USB, for example, is something
that was developed after MS-DOS was established. So it is possible
that your new hookup to USB can be a problem.

Generally, SignWriter 4.4 was not designed for Ink Jet Printers. It
was designed for Laser Printers. Some ink jet printers work, and some
do not. I understand that your DeskJet worked before? What settings
did you use before, when it worked?

Do you know about Interface 5-FILE? That interface, combined with
Postscript setup, will create a special file on your hard drive that
ends with .ps, a Postscript file. Then, with Acrobat or GhostWriter,
you will be able to create a PDF file from the .ps file, which will
in turn print on ALL printers.

Have you made PDF files before, Henk? I can't remember?...I thought
you had before?...If not, here is a document that will teach you how:

Creating SignWriter-PDF files to solve printing problems...


Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton

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