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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Tue Mar 19, 2002  11:14 pm
Subject:  Deaf Ministry using SignWriting

SignWriting List
March 19, 2002

Frederick in North Carolina
>Has anyone run into anyone in the ministry who signs or has heard of
>a minister who does....

Yes. I do know of a wonderful ministry for deaf people in Michigan,
with perhaps as many as 100 deaf church members. Pastor Ronald
Dettloff is remarkable, since he has a computer room where they type
with SignWriter 4.4, writing Bible passages in SignWriting...and
Bible study is conducted with written SignWriting documents...and
quite a number of deaf people, who normally cannot read the Bible,
can read the SignWriting and benefit from it...I know this, because
Pastor Ron telephoned me back in December, and I was really amazed
that so many deaf people were coming into contact with SignWriting
because of his work...Congratulations to you, Ron...

So, Frederick, I would suggest that you contact:

Pastor Ron Dettloff

and visit his web site:

The SignBible Site

Good luck with your search!
Val ;-)

Valerie Sutton


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