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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Wed Mar 20, 2002  4:53 pm
Subject:  SignBank 3: What kind of search-routines do you want?

SignWriting List
March 20, 2002

Here is my question to all List members:

Right now, in SignBank 3, when you create a list of symbols you want
to search with...SignBank finds ALL signs that have at least ONE of
those search symbols in it...This is nice for creating vocabulary
lists for the classroom, etc...

Are there OTHER kinds of searches you would like? For example, would
you want to find only those signs that include TWO search symbols?
That would be the equivalent, in English, of "searching for all words
that have CH or TH in them"...

Are there other kinds of searches needed for your work? It would be
good for me to know in advance...I am so happy Todd is able to
program all this! Val ;-)

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