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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Wed Mar 20, 2002  7:29 pm
Subject:  Re: SignBank 2002

SignWriting List
March 20, 2002

Question 2/1/02 from Teacher Kate Lee in Albuquerque, New Mexico:
>> I am curious. Are the students ever going to accidentally erase
>>signs from the SignBank? Unfortunately, we have a few students who
>>erase signs accidentally (from the SignWriter 4.4 dictionary -
>>another program). Also, I have a "lefty" who tends to modify the
>>dictionary signs to make them read as a left handed person would
>>sign. Amazing, huh? She happens to be 7 years old and discovered
>>this on her own! Cool huh? She is a smarty! Anyway, I try to
>>discourage modifying the dictionary, and encourage making the
>>changes on the document outside of the dictionary. I would hate to
>>erase stuff on the SignBank.

Hello Kate and teachers from Albuquerque!
Thanks for this question. Do not worry. SignBank is accessed with a
password. Your classroom will have a password that only allows them
to view, search and print from the SignBank Portal. In the Portal, no
data can be changed or deleted.

Then, if you, your fellow teachers, or a very advanced student, wants
to add or change signs, I will give you another password, that will
let you edit and change signs in the SignBank Editor.

So the Portal and the Editor solves the problem of students deleting
signs accidentally...

I guess your left-handed student, who sounds very intelligent indeed,
might want access to the Editor to change all the signs to
left-handed signs?...Maybe you can give her a copy of SignBank for
her own personal computer at home? Are her parents SignWriting
enthusiasts? Ha! ....

Val ;-)

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