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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Wed Mar 20, 2002  7:37 pm
Subject:  Re: "Morphology Module"

SignWriting List
March 20, 2002

Hello Stuart and Everyone!
I am printing your suggestions for search-routines for Todd, our
programmer, and we will see what we can do for SignBank 2002. I am
just happy that we can search by symbols at all......SignBank 3 was
harder to program than most people would realize....

Thanks very much, Stuart, for your input. I hope others will tell me
what kind of search-routines you need too...Val ;-)


Stuart wrote:
>Sort of ... I guess maybe my idea is more "convoluted" than the other search
>routines. For example, in ASL, the sign GO, is 2 index hands moving in the
>direction of the action. Now, there are "inflections" that change that
>sign, such as repetitive movements which give the idea of going frequently,
>or once in a while, or regularly, or (with appropriate facial expressions)
>going tiredly or whatever. My idea for the "morphology module" concept is
>if there are standard movements or facial expressions which tend to modify
>signs to produce a standard change in meaning, maybe those could be
>catalogued in the morphology module and then when I put in the symbols for
>go, the morphology module could also look for signs that employ these
>"modifications" to give me alternative meanings or related signs. Like "to
>attend" is usually the sign for "to go repeatedly". That kind of thing.
>Maybe it's something for SignBank 2004 <grin>
>Stuart Thiessen
>Des Moines, IA
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>From: "Valerie Sutton"
>Sent: Wednesday, 20 March 2002 11:52
>Subject: Re: SignBank 3: What kind of search-routines do you want?
>> SignWriting List
>> March 20, 2002
>> Stuart Thiessen wrote:
>> >Another possibility is to do what we might call dictionary vs.
>> >forms. For example, if I put in the sign "TO GO", could it find "I GO",
>> >GOES", "THEY GO". Or repetitive motion signs or noun variants of verb
>> >signs. This starts to get out of the phonetic aspects and gets into
>> >morphology of signs, but maybe there is a way to add a "morphology"
>> >to the signbank so that this kind of research would be possible?
>> Thanks for this input, Stuart! Wow....a "morphology module"...that
>> sounds sophisticated!
>> Regarding what can be done right now in SignBank....In SignBank 1,
>> Searching by Words, you can type in a search-word, like "GO", and if
>> there are 30 signs that are variations of "GO" in the dictionary,
>> SignBank 1 finds them all and lists them with words. Then you click
>> on the word-variation you want, and you get that sign... Take a look
>> at this example, with the sign for "HELP" listed all the HELP
>> variations. Is this what you mean for the "morphology" module?...

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