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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Thu Mar 21, 2002  3:07 pm
Subject:  Re: SignBank 2002

SignWriting List
March 21, 2002

Tony - Thank you for your message below. Have you ordered the Irish
Sign Language Dictionary that is in the Irish publication I told you
about? I posted that to you in a previous message on the List:

Volume 2: The Structure of Irish Sign Language"
by Donall P. O Baoill and Patrick A. Matthews

published by
The Linguistics Institute of Ireland
31 Fitzwilliam Place, Dublin 2, Ireland
Director: Eoghan Mac Aogáin

Telephone: 353-1-676-5489
Fax: 353-1-661-0004

That is important, because the dictionary I can give you is only in
American Sign is not Irish Sign Language. Those are
two different languages!

Plus, in American Sign Language, the equivalent for "the" doesn't
exist, just as it doesn't in the Russian spoken language...."the" is
handled quite differently and there is no exact translation...same
with "of" and other if you order our American Sign
Language dictionary, you will not find the sign for "the" anyway!

I know this seems discouraging, but it is important that you
understand that translation is not exact between signed and spoken
languages. So you will either have to:

1. learn to sign yourself and then write what you know....or better yet...
2. find a native signer....a person who knows Irish Sign Language
well...and ask them to sign for you, either on video or in person,
and then you write what they sign...
3. download the US version of SignWriter 4.4 and look in the
dictionary that comes with the program - that will give you the
dictionary without purchasing the printed version, and you can
look-up the vocabulary list (you asked me to do for you)...It is your
project, Tony, and unfortunately I am not able to do the dictionary
for go ahead and download:

Download Shareware

My thoughts for today! Val ;-)


> I am trying to get some starting data for my sign writing
>research I have sent for the dictionary through the university but would it
>be possible to get the following signs e-mailed.

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