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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Thu Mar 21, 2002  3:37 pm
Subject:  3 ideas to view GIFs

SignWriting List
March 21, 2002

Angus' idea of downloading Poloview is really great, and I hope it
works for you...

Download Poloview

A second idea....Sometimes people can view the diagrams in the
SignWriting List Archives, even though they cannot view them in their
email directly. So if you want to view a diagram you cannot see in
your email, try going to:

SignWriting List Archives

find the message, and view the diagram...I hope this works for you!

And a third idea....sometimes certain email software doesn't work
well for viewing gifs. But you can get a free hotmail email account
on the web, and if you configure your SW List messages to come to
your hotmail account, you probably won't have the same
problems...have you tried hotmail? Go to:

If you try that, it will mean that you will have to re-sign-up on the
List again, with your new hotmail email address...

Val ;-)


>On Thu, 21 Mar 2002, Antony Daamen wrote:
>> "The Windows Installer failed to install the program associated
>>with this file. Please contact your system administrator"
> What is that, Windows ME? Talk about intuitive interfaces...
> The easiest thing for you to do is probably to download a small
>image viewer, like Poloview:
> -Angus B. Grieve-Smith
> Linguistics Department
> University of New Mexico

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