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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Thu Mar 21, 2002  6:19 pm
Subject:  Re: SignBank 3: What kind of search-routines do you want?

>Dan Parvaz wrote:
>Anyway, it should be reasonably simple to work something similar for SW,
>based partially on the visual noise findings in Klima and Bellugi. It
>should be easy to include this in your SignBase, modulo some futzing
>around in FileMaker :-)


Dan -
Could you please explain in a non-linguist lay person's terms what
this kind of search would do for us? Can you give me an example if
you were searching in English for an English word, in this Soundex

I did go to their web page briefly, but I had trouble getting a
handle on what we would be doing for SignWriting...

I have to explain this to our programmer, who knows nothing of
linguistics or sign language...but he has programmed sophisticated
searches before in FileMaker, so I just have to explain it properly...

Val ;-)

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