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From:  Caroline Readman
Date:  Wed Dec 9, 1998  7:52 pm
Subject:  New SignWriting Subscriber (Rockford, IL)

Hi Everyone!

I have just subscribe to SignWriting List, and look forward talking to
everyone here. I'm really excited and can't wait to get my SignWriting
materials and start learning this cool stuff.

I have heard about SignWriting a decade/years ago through the NAD Newsletters.
The other day, I have been browsing the Internet and found your site! It's
really neat! I'm still trying to figure out some of the symbols at your site,
just like any newbie will do for the first time. =)

I worked full-time as a computer specialist (13 years) at Sundstrand Aerospace
company in Rockford, IL. During my spare time, I create variety of puzzles
for kids and adults at home for several websites including my own. It's been
rewarding to see hundreds of kids solving the puzzles while they're learning
something too. You're welcome to visit a few URL address to see some of the
puzzles I have created.

Kid's Domain


Word Search Puzzles and More! (need some work)

Sign Language Cryptograms (will be moving to another site later)

As you can see, I am having some fun!

Here's the good news!!!!

Valerie Sutton at The DAC Deaf Action Committee For SignWriting and I will be
creating puzzles in SignWriting. That's right! While I'm learning
SignWriting, Valerie and I will be combining our talents to make an exciting
and educational puzzle for everyone to enjoy. Once the puzzle(s) is
available, we will let you know via SignWriting List. Valerie and I would
like to receive feedback and requests from everyone about the puzzle. We
like you to participate by providing the feedback, suggestions, ideas,
improvement, whatever. Just let us know.

I'll be looking forward hearing from you, and spread the word to your friends
about this exciting SignWriting Puzzles coming soon!

Take care!

L. Caroline Readman

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