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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Tue Mar 26, 2002  4:34 pm
Subject:  Re: Fwd: Manifesto 2000 Cultivemos a Paz

SignWriting List
March 26, 2002

Stefan wrote:
>Can you please send the .sgn file to the list. That would allow to read the
>document for those who can work with the SW44 programm

Hello Stefan!
I am sorry for the confusion....That was my mistake. When I forwarded
Marianne's message, the diagrams did not show up properly on the SW later I posted GIFs of Marianne's entire document. I hope
you have received them?

Marianne did not give me a SW4.4 file - just an email message with
the document pasted inside ;-)

Thank you so much Stefan, for this translation into English!!!:


Translation into English of "Manifesto 2000 Cultivemos the Peace":

Let us support the international movement for the culture of the peace and
the not-violence. Because year 2000 must be a new start, the occasion to
transform - together - the culture of the war and the violence into a
culture of the peace and the not-violence. Because such hashing demands the
participation of all and each one and must offer to the young and the future
generations, values that help them to become the world more just, more
solidary, more exempt, worthy, harmonious and more prosperous for all.
Because the culture of the peace becomes possible the supported development,
the protection of the half-environment and the growth of each one. Because I
am conscientious of my part of the responsibility front to the future of the
humanity and, in particular, of the children of today and tomorrow. I commit
myself in my daily life, in my family, my work, my community, my country and
my region of: 1. " To respect all the life forms ". To respect the life and
the dignity of each human being without discrimination nor preconception. 2.
" To reject the violence ". To practise the active not-violence, rejecting
the violence under all the forms: sexual, psychological, economic and social
physics, in particular directed to the dispossessed ones and to most
vulnerable, as the children and the adolescents. 3. " To liberate my
generosity ". Partilhar my material time and my features cultivating the
generosity, in order to place an end to the exclusion, the injustice and the
oppression economic politics and. 4. " To listen to understand itself ". To
always defend the liberty of speech and the cultural diversity privileging
listening and the dialogue without yielding to the fanatism, the
maledic J? cia and the reject of the other. 5. " To preserve the planet ". To
promote the consumption responsible and a development model that has taken
in account the importance of all the life forms and preserves the balance of
the natural features and the planet. 6. " Reinventar solidarity ". To
contribute to the development of my community, with the full participation
of the women and in the respect to the democratic principles, in order to
create, together, new forms of solidarity.

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