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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Wed Mar 27, 2002  3:19 pm
Subject:  Re: Problem Exporting Columnized SGN to Bitmap

SignWriting List
March 27, 2002

Dear Maria, Mark, Bill and Everyone!
Many thanks for your messages about ColumnMaker. Yes...your problems
with printing and exporting are well known. And I am happy to help.
We can definitely solve both of your problems. We will be detectives.
There are several factors. I believe your two problems are quite
different from each other, but we can learn together.

First....what is your paper size? In the US and Canada, we use "US
Letter" size paper. In Japan, and probably Malta, you probably use
"A4 Paper Size". A4 is longer and skinnier. US letter is a little
wider and shorter. Printers are setup to print on one or the other.
In modern printers, you can change the settings between A4 and US

And SignWriter is setup to export to the paper size you are using, so
this is related to both Export and Print...

Second....what version of SignWriter are you using? Are you using
SignWriter 4.4? And are you using the A4 version of SignWriter? Or
the US Letter version? You can tell, because when you first start
SignWriter, a screen appears and it says "A4 or US Letter" (at the
bottom of copyright area on the screen).

Third....If you are printing, make sure that your paper size setting
on your printer is the same as your version of SignWriter. Do not try
to print to A4 paper, if your SignWriter is US Letter. That will
cause the signs to go to the next page...

Fourth....when it comes to printing must use a
laser printer, or, print to a postscript file and make a PDF....there
are no other alternatives. ColumnMaker was not made for ink-jet

And then there are at least three other factors we need to consider.
But first, I will ask Mark and Maria to please respond to the above

If you have downloaded the US shareware for SignWriter 4.4, it is
setup automatically for US Letter size paper. If you need to download
a shareware version that is automatically setup for A4, then the
German, or Swiss-German, or the Spanish version would be better for

I look forward to hearing from both Mark and Maria -

Val ;-)


Maria in Malta wrote:
>Sorry for the delay in my response to this message. I am also experiencing a
>very similar problem. In my case, I do not 'loose' the bottom sign of each
>column, but this bottom sign is printed onto the next then the whole
>sequence of the signs is mixed up.
>Does this make any sense?
>If you have solved your problem could you tell me how you did it?

>Mark Penner in Japan wrote:
>> I used column maker to "columnize" an SW file, and then exported the
>> columnized file to a bitmap, but lost the bottom sign of each column.
>> Any clues how to solve this problem? I started with a "1" printer setting,
>> saw the problem, and switched to a "3" printer setting, but that didn't
>> change anything. How should I proceed?
>> I'm sending along the three files for reference, Galati4.sgn (Regular),
>> Galati4c.sgn (In columns), and Galati4c.bmp (exported file).
>> Thanks for your help,
>> Mark
>> ***********
>> Mark Penner
>> Tokyo, Japan
>> ***********

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