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From:  Mark Penner
Date:  Fri Mar 29, 2002  6:27 am
Subject:  Re: Problem Exporting Columnized SGN to Bitmap

> Hello Mark, and Everyone -
> I am slowly trying to find the solution. By the way, didd you know
> that there are instruction documents on the web?:

I got them, and followed them, as far as I could tell. The "columnized"
..sgn file was fine, and printing it was not a problem either (I don't think
it was--actually I'm not sure I even printed it). The problem was exporting
the "columnized" version to a bitmap. In the bitmap image, the bottom sign
of each line was cut off. I could, as Bill Reese suggested, put a space at
the bottom of each column, but in a long document, that would get
cumbersome. I thought maybe there would be a quick fix.

> First....what is your paper size? In the US and Canada, we use "US
It is set for Letter

> Second....what version of SignWriter are you using? Are you using
> SignWriter 4.4? And are you using the A4 version of SignWriter?

4.4 Letter

> Third....If you are printing, make sure that your paper size setting
> on your printer is the same as your version of SignWriter. Do not try
> to print to A4 paper, if your SignWriter is US Letter. That will
> cause the signs to go to the next page...

Printing isn't a problem

> Fourth....when it comes to printing must use a
> laser printer, or, print to a postscript file and make a PDF....there
> are no other alternatives. ColumnMaker was not made for ink-jet
> printers.

This will be a problem for me, as I have an inkjet, but I'll deal with it

Thanks for your help,


Mark Penner
Tokyo, Japan

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