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From:  Frederick Rewkowski
Date:  Fri Mar 29, 2002  1:56 pm
Subject:  Re: For Frederick in North Carolina

Good morning to you Valerie.

I am asking for you to advise me what it takes to get started with the sign
writing materials as far as cost. I want to take on the task also of trying
to translate the Bible and getting started in Apex North Carolina trying to
teach and work with the deaf and hearing impaired. I have been looking at a
few of the writings of the bible. Has it been attempted down in North
Carolina and is their anyone else who is currently working on it locally. I
am so excited to get moving on it and hope to open a world of hope for people
who have unable to understand the word of the bible. I want to take the
opportunity for all those list members who sent me advice about the ministry
I have just returned from New York where I was born and raised and met with
our local Pastor and I am almost certain to go into the Lutheran brotherhood
ministry so I am very excited. Being unable to speak as a result of a stroke
in 1999 I feel I can be a positive impact on the deaf community as well as
the hearing community also. The site is great and look forward to working
with you. Again thank you Valerie for the information you can forward me.
Frederick Rewkowski :)

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