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Date:  Fri Apr 5, 2002  6:41 am
Subject:  Survey

There are some questions regarding my survey. I would like to clear up a few things.  If you are answering my survey via email it is perfectly fine to "sign" the consent form simply by typing in your name on the form you received through email. If you feel more comfortable signing it and sending it to me via postal mail my address is on the consent form.  Also, I need all surveys back to me (if you are answering it online) by the 19th of April.  If you are sending me the surveys through postal mail I will need no later than the 17th of April because I will leave Minnesota on the 18th to do the statistical analysis at a school in Michigan.  Thus, if the surveys are in my mail box after the 17th I will not be able to include them in my study.  I really appreciate the responses and hope you all understand my purpose of this study.
Hillary Hittner

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