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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Fri Apr 5, 2002  4:17 pm
Subject:  Re: SymbolBank

SignWriting List
April 5, 2002

>Stefan wrote: I am absolutely fascinated. The perfect presentation
>is great. Gifs are
>suitable to take the fear of too complex computer requests. We receive with
>this data base an unusually valuable tool for the users of SignWriting.

Hello Stefan!
This is so nice of you, to tell me this...Happy you like it! And I
hope that you will be able to build an excellent database in Germany
with SignBank in the Fall.

I know you are very busy. I can see from Susanne's message, that you
are presenting a workshop? Congratulations on that.

If and when you have some time, I would love it if you could do the
animation for the sign for "monkey", that is an example in my
SignBank Instruction...but in QuickTime...not an animated GIF.
SignBank requires the ".mov" format. Then I could insert that
animation as a sample for people when they are testing
SignBank....but only if you have time....You have so many projects!!

Thanks once again for your kind words- Val ;-)

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