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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Fri Apr 5, 2002  3:26 pm
Subject:  Re: Deaf person in Turkey...How to assist him...?

SignWriting List
April 5, 2002

Hello Barry -
Thank you for your message. I think it is great that you have taken
an interest in furthering the education of the young man you mention.
You are right that signed languages are different around the world,
and although I work with 27 countries, Turkey is not one of them. So
we do not have published materials in SignWriting in Turkish Sign
Language. But I can send you a free SignWriting Information Packet,
and if nothing more, he might enjoy having it and looking at it...

I would suggest, if he doesn't sign at all, to contact local schools
in Turkey...Even if he has no money to go to school himself, there
must be a school for wealthy people with deaf children in Turkey? And
if that is the case, then contact that school and try to arrange for
the young man to meet some of the students "socially", outside of
school....or perhaps there is a Deaf club in Turkey? Or a National
Association of the Deaf in Turkey? When deaf people are in contact
with each other, they usually benefit and learn from each other...He
might build a social life with other deaf people, and that should
truly enhance his communication.

So please write again if you would like the SignWriting Information
Packet. I will need your street addresss - And best of luck with your
search for your young friend...Val ;-)

Valerie Sutton

>I am MSGT Barry Johnson and I am a member of the USAF on TDY
>(temporary duty) in Incirlik, Turkey. While stationed here, I had
>the opportunity to meet a young man named Saylah that is one of the
>best shoe-shiners I have ever met. The situation is that he is deaf
>and mute. He is an extremely bright young man and I know that he is
>very eager to learn to communicate better. He does not and has not
>ever gone to any school nor has he had any education in sign
>language. His family is extremely poor and can not afford to send
>him to school. Because of regulations, he is not allowed to come on
>base with me, therefore he and I cannot visit the on-line sites that
>are available to learn sign language.
>I then thought that maybe I could download and priint out the
>alphabet in sign language but that would most likely be the english
>version. Being that he is Turkish I did not know what to do. Is
>there anyway that I can assist this young man? Please let me know if
>there is something that I can do to prevent this bright young mind
>from being locked away in a lonely world of such limited
>communication. If you are not able to assist me in situation, please
>refer me to someone that is able to. Your assistance would be so
>greatly appreciated!
>MSGT Edmond B. Johnson
>Val ;-)
>Valerie Sutton
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