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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Wed Apr 17, 2002  8:38 am
Subject:  Long hours...

SignWriting List
April 17, 2002

Dear SW List:
What great messages - sorry for my silence - as you know, I am
working long hours, with little sleep - I just finished some work for
the Zurich project - I have converted their David document to better
graphics without doing any editing - just the graphics itself - but
it was a long document nonetheless - I am sooo impressed with Siv and
others at the Zurich project - their two Bible stories, David and
Goliath and Noah's Arc are really going to be historic, because they
are the first, I believe, in Swiss-German Sign Language in

The New York Times article has also created long nights and more
work, but of course, that is the point of publicity! As you know, the
New York Times is our most prestigious newspaper in the US, so as
soon as the article was published I received telephone calls from
long lost friends and relatives who were surprised to find
SignWriting in the news - so the telephone has been ringing, and
requests for SignWriting Information Packets have tripled from
strangers writing on email...

I want to congratulate the Albuquerque team for their outstanding
weekend - I know they worked very hard for two days presenting
SignWriting, and guess what? another school and another teacher and
classroom want to start using SignWriting in New
congratulations to the teachers and students in New Mexico!

I think I am going to get a little sleep, and then I hope I can start
answering some of your email messages tomorrow - Or should I say,
later today - ha!

And then SignBank and book orders are next - for those who are
waiting for your orders - I am truly sorry for the delay - you can
see why I want to post all of them as PDF files on the web -You
shouldn't have to wait for your orders!

Many blessings to everyone -

Val ;-)

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