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From:  Charles Butler
Date:  Tue Dec 15, 1998  2:32 am
Subject:  Re: Religious SignWriting (Word List - Long)

Cheryl Zapien wrote:
Because those of us who are in Deaf ministry of any sort would find this
information extreeeeemely useful This information is not as easily
acquired as you might think--yes there are some in-house signs, but I
can't tell you how often I could have used such a "dictionary" to
enhance my ecclesiastical vocabulary--

Example: ASL sign for Bible is often "Jesus book". The sign would not
be appropriate in a synagogue for Torah or Tenach. A coalition of
religious got together and compromised on "book from heaven" which is
equally applicable to "Bible", "Torah", or "Veda". The sign for "cohen"
which is a "priest" in synagogue indicates the "breastplate" worn by
Hebrew priests, not the "collar" worn by Catholic priests.

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