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From:  Caroline Readman
Date:  Thu Dec 17, 1998  5:44 pm
Subject:  Re: Religious SignWriting (Word List - Long)

From: (Cheryl Zapien)
Hi there!! Unfortunately, we don't have the right apparatus to make up
SignWriting files, but I can describe them to you. Would that be
sufficient?? (I know it's inefficient, but our computer is a dinosaur!!!)

That won't help me that much, since I'm new learning the SignWriting and don't
want to create any new Signs yet. Any signs that I will be creating will be
forward to Valerie and her staff to view them for me until I feel comfortable
on my own, or I might have a test site, which I will list the SignWriting I
created for an experience reader/writer to view and proof read for me. (Don't
know yet)

So I guessed we'll have to wait on the Jewish Dictionary unless you know
someone that created already in SignWriting they can copy and forward to me,
or go ahead and forward me your file. I'll convert to GIFs and I'll make a
PKZIP file and send to anyone that would like to verify your SignWriting.
There's a lot of experience SignWriters would like to help beginners to learn
how to read and write!

I'm getting the feel of how these SignWriting works by reading the workbooks
and websites, video tapes, and writing them by hand. I would
like to receive more SignWriting stuff for me to practice reading them! =)

At the meantime, I'm developing a webpage called "SignWriting, USA!" I'll
announce the URL when it's available on the Internet.

If you have some songs, poems, short stories, dictionary, or have your own
website with SignWriting materials, and would like to share with other
SignWriters, please let me know.

Caroline Readman

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