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From:  Cheryl Zapien
Date:  Thu Dec 17, 1998  5:51 pm
Subject:  Re: Religious SignWriting (Word List - Long)

Sounds great!! I'm the only SignWriter in our household so it needs to wait
our computer can handle some of the stuff Valerie has generously allowed us to
download. *smile* Cheryl

Caroline Readman wrote:

> From: (Cheryl Zapien)
> Hi there!! Unfortunately, we don't have the right apparatus to make up
> SignWriting files, but I can describe them to you. Would that be
> sufficient?? (I know it's inefficient, but our computer is a dinosaur!!!)
> Cheryl
> ====================
> That won't help me that much, since I'm new learning the SignWriting and don't
> want to create any new Signs yet. Any signs that I will be creating will be
> forward to Valerie and her staff to view them for me until I feel comfortable
> on my own, or I might have a test site, which I will list the SignWriting I
> created for an experience reader/writer to view and proof read for me. (Don't
> know yet)
> So I guessed we'll have to wait on the Jewish Dictionary unless you know
> someone that created already in SignWriting they can copy and forward to me,
> or go ahead and forward me your file. I'll convert to GIFs and I'll make a
> PKZIP file and send to anyone that would like to verify your SignWriting.
> There's a lot of experience SignWriters would like to help beginners to learn
> how to read and write!
> I'm getting the feel of how these SignWriting works by reading the workbooks
> and websites, video tapes, and writing them by hand. I would
> like to receive more SignWriting stuff for me to practice reading them! =)
> At the meantime, I'm developing a webpage called "SignWriting, USA!" I'll
> announce the URL when it's available on the Internet.
> If you have some songs, poems, short stories, dictionary, or have your own
> website with SignWriting materials, and would like to share with other
> SignWriters, please let me know.
> Caroline Readman

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