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From:  Caroline Readman
Date:  Mon Dec 21, 1998  11:01 pm
Subject:  Re: New SignWriting Subscriber (Rockford, IL)

I have a Pentium PC computer, not a Mac.
Here's one of ways you can create GIF files from the DOS based program.

You'll need a graphic program such as PhotoShop, Paintshop Pro 4.0/5.0 (I used
this), or any graphic program that you can edit and save as "GIF" format.

Since the SignWriting Software is a DOS based program, can be really tricky to
do for most computers. Note: Not all computers can do this.

If you're running from Windows 3.1 or Window 95 program, you need to go to the
MS-DOS from your program menu. Do NOT exit your Windows program. Run the SW
program and bring up the SignWriting Dictionary or File. Remember, this is a
DOS program, so you'll need to "capture the screen" by using ALT+Print Screen.
This will copy the information you see on your screen into your clipboard or
copyboard. Open your graphic program and press CTRL+V, to paste or from the
file bar menu (on the top of your screen), select "edit" and "paste". You'll
need to remove some information that you capture from your screen.

In the PaintShop Pro, I use a select box and select the area I want to keep,
then Image/Crop. It will remove all the extras you don't want to see. After
you selected the area you want to keep, then you might want to save first,
then touch up the graphics by pixel-to-pixel for higher quality image.
Whenever you makes a mistake, go back to the original saved file.

Saving your file in GIF format. When you saving the file, it gives you the
directory, filename, and file type. Look at your FILE TYPE, scroll down and
find GIF, and choose GIF89 Interlaced, and you're done!

There's a lot of steps doing this way, but it's the only way I can capture a
screen using the DOS based program. I hope the new version of the Software
will be easier to copy and paste into any graphic program that has an option
to save as a GIF file.

I know it's a lot of steps, but as a graphics and web designer, it works for

If you're still confused, let me know. Perhaps I can explain it a little more
for you.
I'm sure other people have other ways to "capture the screen" and fix up the
graphics, so jump right in.

Just experiment until you find a way it works for you and your computer.

Good Luck !


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