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From:  Trevor Jenkins
Date:  Wed Dec 23, 1998  11:37 am
Subject:  Re: SignWriter 5.0

Valerie Sutton informs us:

> Yes. SignWriter 5.0 is mouse driven, although you can continue to use the
> keyboard if you wish.

I can touch-type and hate taking my hands off the "home position" to press
other keys or move a mouse. I hope that SW5 will have keyboard shortcuts for
*every* menu option or mouse event. There are some parts of Microsoft Windows
that are inaccessible without a mouse. With all the advanced features of
Microsoft Word I long for the original Wordstar for its keyboard layout.

> It is a Windows program, and has some of those
> standard features of Windows and Macintosh programs,

I also hope that the interface will be Windows like on MS-DOS machines and Mac
like on Apple machines. It would be nice if it were X like too---as SW5 is
supposed to be written in Java there is no reason why it should not work on my
Linux workstation. Some of the User Interface conventions of Windows are
unacceptable to a Mac user (and vice versa).

> although it is very
> different too. Typing down the page in vertical columns is not normally
> done in Windows, for example, but SignWriter 5.0 will be set up to do that.
> So it is a blend of the normal and the unusual.

Funny from what I've seen most modern software documentation makes more sense
when read vertically. :-)

Regards, Trevor


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