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From:  Charles Butler
Date:  Sun Jan 10, 1999  5:21 am
Subject:  Re: actors

Another sign in the "don't know" litany is "not my fault". And thereby
shows the difference between "English Gloss" and "actual meaning".

If one starts with the sign "fault" or "responsibility" being a touch on
the shoulder, then the "flip hand away" equivalent of "not" in the
"don't know" sign negates "responsibility" into "not responsibility".

There is also -- and this is just my own feeling -- that what you
actually have is a subliminal "finish" not a "not". So that in this
sequence of "don't know" "don't care" "not my fault" is "leave me alone"
usually translated as "touch finish me" meaning "you were touching
me--stop doing that!" so that what you may have, at least gesturally is

know / know finish
touch/ touch finish
responsible /responsible finish.

I had to chuckle, because for several interpreter friends of mine the
mnemonic (memory-aid) for "don't care" was "throw my nose away". The
gesture could be augmented to "throw my head away" if one was really
"uncaring" and if one really wanted to demonstrate how absolutely one
did not want to be held accountable for one's feelings in the matter it
was "throw my whole body away".

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