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From:  Val Forbes
Date:  Mon Jan 11, 1999  12:24 am
Subject:  Introducing myself


I'm the librarian for deaf studies at La Trobe University in
Melbourne, Australia, which also has the National Institute for Deaf
Studies and Sign Language Research. I am interested in learning
more about signwriting, both for myself and in my role as contact
person for the deaf community at the University. I have been learning
Auslan, the Australian Sign Language, for a little over a year now,
and found one of the most difficult things to do in class, especially
at the beginning, was to describe what the hands are practicing, and
writing at the same time!! Some of my notes are very strange indeed.
However, I eventiually developed a little database (using Microsoft
Works) of signs, descriptions including handshapes, alternative
signs, and so on, which can then be searched by English word or
handshape. One day I may get around to putting up a few examples on
my web page for Deaf Studies. The address is:

I do look forward to reading more about SignWriting, and was also
very interested in the comment about sign language being beautiful.
I did ballet for a number of years and I think that helped me see and
appreciate the beauty and meaning in shapes made by signers, and also
the facial expressions, which are so essential in the theatre arts

Val Forbes

Valerie Forbes
Borchardt Library
Humanities & Social Sciences Team
Latrobe University
Bundoora, Vic. Australia
tel: (03) 9479-3826
TTY: (03) 9479-1803
fax: (03) 9471-0993

My web pages of recommended sites for:

Cinema and Media Studies:

Deaf Studies:

Languages & Cultures:

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