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From:  Susanne Bentele
Date:  Thu Jan 14, 1999  10:25 am
Subject:  Re: Notation Systems

Yes, I'd love to see what others did on that!! Thank you so much.

>Hi Susanne -
>In regards to notation comparisons, strangely enough I have written several
>articles on "dance notation systems comparisons". There are hundreds of
>dance notation systems in the world, and I was able to categorize these
>different systems into different types, including our DanceWriting system.
>But when it comes to comparing SignWriting with other linguistically based
>systems, there has been little done, mainly because SignWriting is so
>different. I have always felt it was like comparing apples with oranges. I
>do have a few student papers that made comparisons with other
>linguistically based systems. I cannot say that the authors were experts,
>but I will be happy to look for those papers and send them to you if you
>wish. One was written at Brown University, by a student in the linguistics
>department there. If you are interested, I will write to her to ask her
>permission, and then send it on to you.
>In your message above, you mention that SignWriting is "used to actually
>write things down for people to read". That is true and an excellent way to
>describe it. Our goal is to make Sign Language Literacy a reality for large
>groups of people.
>So your comparison above is as good as anyone's!

>Valerie :-)
>Valerie Sutton at the DAC
>Deaf Action Committee for SW
>Center For Sutton Movement Writing
>an educational nonprofit organization
>Box 517, La Jolla, CA, 92038-0517, USA

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