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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Mon Jan 25, 1999  5:44 pm
Subject:  Re: Independent SWriter's Forum

>Hi Val,
>Gabriel, My son 12 years old, begging me to send you the signwrite that he
>wrote the poem. If so then I will have to attach signwrite poem and
>picture. Is that ok with you.

Yes, Lourdes, your son Gabriel is welcome to do this! Just follow these

>1. Type your Sign Language document in SignWriting with the SignWriter
>Computer Program. This creates a file that is called an .SGN file (a
>SignWriter file).
>2. Prepare an email message. Inside the email message, in English or
>another spoken language, type:
>a. the title of the Sign Language document
>b. the name of the author
>c. the email address of the author
>d. a short biography of the author
>e. the names of any other contributors
>f. the complete translation of the Sign Language document into English or
>another spoken language
>g. any other human interest or background information about the document
>3. Once this email message is written, "attach" the .SGN file to the email
>message, and send it to:
>Valerie Sutton
>4. Do you have photos or illustrations to enhance your document? Create
>.GIF or .JPG files of those illustrations, and send them as attached files
>to a second email message. Inside your second email message, write the
>captions you wish to be included with your illustrations, giving credit to
>any artists or photographers.
>5. Once received, I will post your document, including your email address,
>so that readers can write directly to you.

Valerie ':-)

Valerie Sutton at the DAC
Deaf Action Committee for SW


Center For Sutton Movement Writing
an educational nonprofit organization
Box 517, La Jolla, CA, 92038-0517, USA

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