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From:  Richar Tennant
Date:  Thu Feb 4, 1999  3:34 pm
Subject:  SW Dic

>So, Richard, I would suggest the could write the signs in
>your book, "The American Sign Language Handshape Dictionary" in SignWriting
>placed in your sequence, and send me the document...then I could post the
>signs in your sequence on the web, along with other sequences from Brazil
>and so the Sutton sequence for "generic body movement
>look-ups" can also be posted. This "sequence comparisons" article can give
>us feedback from people. I will be happy to do this, although of course
>this will take time.<

Dear Val, Thank you for your most gracious reply to my questions concerning a
proposed SW-English dictionary. I appreciate your offering the opportunity to
display a manuscript of my proposed format on your website, but at 77 I do not
have the stamina to undertake the amount of work and study such a production
would entail. Other than substituting the SW picture for the present
illustration in "ASL Handshape Dictionary" or presenting both SW and
illustration at each location, I know of no other changes that are needed to
construct the needed reference. Gallaudet Press would have to be consulted,
in any case, before undertaking such a project.

Actually, I am most interested in your alternate proposal. In an effort to
understand it I would like to present the following prerequisites for
constructing a "dictionary" for locating "things" .

1. A need for a set of distinct categories into which each "thing" would be
classified in one and only one category. The number of categories to be
finite but sufficient to cause all "things" to be spread relatively thin among
the categories.

2. A need for a natural or arbitrary ordering system for the categories.

3. A need for a natural or arbitrary ordering system for arranging "things"
into subsets within each category--the same ordering as in #2 is preferred.

4. A continued ordering of sub-subsets until sets are produced in which the
recognition of the "thing" being sought is viable.

I am most curious as to exactly what is proposed to fulfill each of these
needs in the reference you are working on. I hear "movement", "parameters",
"generic sequence" and linguistic terms beyond my ken, but I am unable to
envision how these elements are to be employed to fit the needs as I have
ooutlined them above. Help! Reading the reactions and suggestions of others
on this list would cause one to suppose that others do not have a clear
picture of the proposal either. If this question has been answered in another
forum I may have missed, please direct me. I am also ready to accept that
this is so far beyond my background that I would need a course in body
movement to understand so don't be hesitant to point this out.


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