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From:  Lourdes Tollette
Date:  Thu Feb 4, 1999  8:04 pm
Subject:  Hi!!

Hi Val,

I just print Cinderella from your web page. And I leave the papers on the
table in my office and left the room. My hearing daughter 7 years old went
to my office without tell me. I was looking for her and almost go to my
office but I saw Sabrina was in my office and sign the Cinderella from the
signwrite. So I stay hide and watch her sign the whole pages. I was total
shock that she did right sign all by herself. When she finishes this story
and put the papers down and went to other room. I ran upstairs and didn't
say anything till She came. I ask her what are you doing downstairs. She
was smile and say I can sign Cinderella and also say to me, " Can I take
this story to my school tomorrow." Wow, It was so amaze that she can read
signwrite. She learns so fast after she first saw the video tape.


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