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From:  Antonio Carlos da Rocha Costa
Date:  Mon Jul 2, 2001  6:49 pm
Subject:  Announcement: The SignWriting Journal

Dear members of the SW-list,

We are pleased to announce The SignWriting Journal.

The SignWriting Journal is an electronic journal created by the
Universidade Católica de Pelotas, Brazil, to serve the interests
of the SignWriting community all around the world.

The SignWriting Journal aims to act as a repository for the
various kinds of experiences, uses and developments related to the
SignWriting system.

The SWJ will be well informal in its way to accept and publish
articles. There are a few, very easy and informal guidelines that
must be followed when submitting the articles, and we encourage
everyone in the SignWriting community to think about writing to
the SWJ.

If you are a teacher using SignWriting to teach your deaf students
to write sign languages, if you are a linguist using SignWriting
to document facts about sign languages, if you are a programmer
developing software for SignWriting, if you have written poetry,
prose or theatre in sign language, if you are a movement writing
thinking about the conceptual foundations of SignWriting, if...,
then you certainly have something to tell everybody, and thus
something to publish in The SignWriting Journal.

Everybody is encourage to write to The SignWriting Journal. It is
not necessary to be a university professor to publish in the SWJ
because the SWJ is not meant to be an academic journal (although
academic papers about the SignWriting systems are certainly

And you can write articles in any language. You don't have to
write it in English. Any language is acceptable. English is being
used only as a "bridge" language, so the SWJ can reach everywhere
in the world.

In particular, articles written in sign languages are most

The Editorial Board of The SignWriting Journal is composed of very
well known members of the SignWriting community, and you are
welcome to contact any of them if you want to get some advise on
how to write or submit your article.

Take a look at The SignWriting Journal website:

and feel free to send us any comment on the SWJ, or to post your
comments to the SW-list.

All the best,

Antônio Carlos


The SignWriting Journal Editorial Board

Valerie Sutton (Advising Editor)
Antônio Carlos da Rocha Costa (Editor-in-Chief)
Angus B. Grieve-Smith
Cecilia Flood
Charles Butler
Fernando Capovilla
Ingvild Roald
James Shepard-Kegl
Joe Martin
Karen van Hoek
Marianne Rossi Stumpf
Michael Everson
Penny Boyes Braem
Richard Gleaves
Ronice Müller de Quadros
Stefan Woehrmann


P.S.: Feel free to post this note in any other list you participate.
Also, feel free to translate it to any (sign) language you want, to
further the announcement of the creation of the SWJ.

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