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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Fri Jul 13, 2001  2:56 pm
Subject:  For Miguel: TEACHER'S WEB REPORT

SignWriting List
July 13, 2001

Please fill this out Miguel, and return it to the SW List with your
answers. Many thanks!! Val ;-)


SignWriting Literacy Project

Public Information
The purpose of the SignWriting Literacy Project is to share
information with the general public about the use of SignWriting in
education. Educators need to know if SignWriting can aid in teaching
literacy. We are grateful that you are interested in providing
information, which we hope will help future generations.

All the information you write in this report will be public
information. We will post your report to the SignWriting List on the
Internet, and on the SignWriting Web Site, for others to read. It is
therefore very important not to reveal any private information that
should not be made public.

For Participating Teachers

1. Why do you want to learn SignWriting?

2. What have been some of your past frustrations when teaching?

3. Are you hoping that SignWriting might help? If so, in what way?

4. The SignWriting Teacher's Forum has a free web page for you and
your students, to use in anyway you wish, just as long as it relates
to SignWriting. For example, you can post your opinions about
SignWriting, or you can post student's writing assignments. How would
you like to use your web page?

5. Please write any other information about your group that you would
like to share. You are welcome to write as much as you wish! Human
interest stories will help us get to know you. It will make following
your progress with SignWriting that much more exciting!

6. We understand that this report and all other reports will become
public information and will be posted to the SignWriting Email List
and posted on the SignWriting Web Site. You have our full permission
to use the information as needed.

Please send SignWriting materials for _________number of teachers and
___________number of students.

Please the materials to this street address:

Thank you for considering us for your project.

Name of School

Signature & Date

When you have completed this web report, please email it to:

Many thanks for your participation!

Val ;->


Valerie Sutton


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