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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Thu Feb 11, 1999  8:06 pm
Subject:  Re: question & samples

Fernando Capovilla wrote:
>We would be obliged should you help us write these signs using SW. One
>of our difficulty is that all fingers move one by one (from little
>finger to thumb), and not simultaneously.

>Last year, one of our most dear deaf coworkers, Sylvia Greenspan and I
>translated all the SW lessons from English to Portuguese. She has been
>using that material to teach her colleagues who are very curious about it. She
>taught classes on SW to the deaf kids at the EMEDA (a Sao Paulo City
>School for
>the Deaf), and is already teaching a full SW course to her kids this
>academic year (which has just started in Brazil). The dictionary will
>rovide the
>necessary thrust.
>Thank you.
>Fernando & lab crew at the University of Sao Paulo :-)

Hello Fernando!
Thanks for this great report. As always, your work is amazing - I don't
know how you accomplish so much...a 900 page dictionary - that is a lot of

I will be happy to help you with the three signs you attached as .GIF files
- I can even place those illustrations on our web site (with your
permission) with the SignWriting right next to them? I had been planning to
add a detailed discussion of "sequential finger movements" anyway, so that
is perfect. I hope to do this in the next week or so.

I am really happy to know that Sylvia is teaching SignWriting in a Sao
Paulo City School - I did not realize this until you wrote this message - I
hope someday Sylvia can document her experiences in the classroom. The
feedback means a great deal right now, since SignWriting is just beginning
in deaf education.

I will inform the List when the Sequential Finger Movement lesson is posted -

Thanks once again, Fernando, for writing...and say "hello" to your crew!

Valerie ':-)

Valerie Sutton at the DAC
Deaf Action Committee for SW


Center For Sutton Movement Writing
an educational nonprofit organization
Box 517, La Jolla, CA, 92038-0517, USA

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