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From:  Fernando Capovilla
Date:  Fri Feb 12, 1999  1:01 pm
Subject:  question & samples

Hello, Valerie.

I'm sending you an excerpt page from our new Brazilian Sign Language
Dictionary, namely three Brazilian signs that use a similar handshape
and movement (BEAUTIFUL, AMAZON, STEAL). They have been converted in a
hurry into three .GIF files, and the graphic quality of the images has
suffered considerably in the process. I apologize for that. Even so,
perhaps you may still identify the drawings.

We would be obliged should you help us write these signs using SW. One
of our difficulty is that all fingers move one by one (from little
finger to thumb), and not simultaneously. The movement is the same, but
each finger starts closing only after its predecessor has
already closed some 30 degrees, in a sucession from little finger to
thumb. In the sign STEAL, the result is similar to a spiral turning
inward. The palm itseft begins open and ends closing in itself, as if it

were a shell. There must be a similar movement in ASL, we are sure, but
our deaf informant on ASL is not here right now. So I can't give you an
equivalent ASL at the moment.

Should you be so kind as to, at your earliest convenience, write them in

SW this would allow us to be able to keep on working toward using SW for

documenting the Brazilian Sign Language used in Sao Paulo.

By the way, perhaps you will be glad to know that there is a growing
consensus and productive cooperation among deaf people from different
institutions in here. They're so excited about both the dictionary and
SW that they've been "spreading the sign" (so to speak) about them.
We're already with about 30 deaf co-workers and the revision process is
going well. Thank God. Wonderful people! The dictionary is thriving and
we already have 600 out of the final estimated 900 pages. The posting of

further lessons on details on writing finger movements will be of great

Last year, one of our most dear deaf coworkers, Sylvia Greenspan and I
translated all the SW lessons from English to Portuguese. She has been
that material to teach her colleagues who are very curious about it. She
classes on SW to the deaf kids at the EMEDA (a Sao Paulo City School for

the Deaf), and is already teaching a full SW course to her kids this
year (which has just started in Brazil). The dictionary will rovide the

Thank you.
Fernando & lab crew at the University of Sao Paulo :-)

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