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From:  Richar Tennant
Date:  Fri Feb 12, 1999  12:38 pm
Subject:  Re: Sign-Symbol-Sequence

In a message dated 2/10/99 4:04:51 PM Eastern Standard Time,

<< So now I must ask you....above you mention the word "things" - I am not
sure what you mean by "things" you mean signs? Or perhaps you mean
"the symbols we use to write signs and gestures"? >>

Thanks for your response to my questions about sequence. I used the word
'things' in an effort to generalize the construct of a dictionary. I was
assuming that the purpose of a dictionary was to locate something from one
setting that could be translated into another setting. In my dictionary the
purpose for example is to locate a sign to be translated into an English
equivalent so the "thing" is in that case a sign. In you case the "thing"
might be a symbol that is to be translated into a movement, for example. The
purpose and its construct is the center of my lack of understanding.


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