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From:  Paul Cowley
Date:  Wed Apr 21, 1999  2:43 pm
Subject:  Attachments and SW-L

Good morning.

Apologies to Valerie for "jumping in" here.

Although attachments can be successfully handled by the LISTSERV
Software not all subscribers to this list SW-L have mime compliant mail
readers on their machines at the receiving end. Consequently there may
be some adverse reaction to receiving attachments from SW-L.

A secondary list, , was established to be the
list used for the sending of attached files. Subscription to this list
requires an awareness that attachments will be sent via the list and the
mail reader on the machine at the receiving end needs to be mime

is web based and can be accessed via the
following URL:

Up thumb, Paul Cowley - The Interpreters' Network
Suite 230, 1326 Huron Street, London, Ontario, Canada, N5V 2E2

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1157 Re: Attachments and SW-L Valerie Sutton Wed  4/21/1999

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