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From:  Joe Martin
Date:  Sun May 16, 1999  4:21 am
Subject:  Re: learning to read

It's because we don't actually look at the symbols once we are skilled
In reading a line of text, our eyes skip from one fixation point to
another. we become skilled by making the points farther apart, and thus
bigger--our eyes see everything in between the two points "in our
periphreal vision," or, "our of the corners of our eyes."

For a line of type a good reader might "stop" at three places as they
scan across the line. When the type is small, more words are included
within the sight picture each time we stop.

for beginning readers, they only fix their eyes on each symbol, they can
never "see" more than one symbol at a time, so small type doesn't help

> The other day, when working on the Advanced Goldilocks document, I reduced
> the size of the writing - and when I read the smaller size I realized that
> it was less strain on my eyes to read the small size. That was a
> revelation! Why would the smaller size be easier to read?
> In English, fluent readers do not want to read huge type - there must be a
> reason!
> Valerie :-)
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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