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From:  "Wayne H. Smith"
Date:  Wed May 19, 1999  5:47 am
Subject:  Re: two views

Steve and Dianne -
Thanks for taking the time to explain this. These are precisely some
of the questions that I've been coming up with.
- Wayne Smith
P.S. We'll have to check out our respective genealogies. I know I have
Parkhursts somewhere back there.

>Steve wrote:
>Well, let me give it a shot. This is what we explain to our students.
>There are two ways of looking at the hands 1. straight-on; 2. top-down
>(fingers separated from the hand). The straight-on view is the normal
>view--what I see when my hands are in front of me. However, there are times
>when I cannot clearly see the handshape, i.e. palm down and fingers pointed
>away from the body. The only way I can clearly see the handshape at this
>orientation is to look down on the hand. To distinguish the top-down view
>from the straight-on, we separate the fingers from the hand.
>There are some orientations that can be written from either point of view
>and others that can only be written using one point of view. When you have
>two options, it is up to the writer to decide which point of view is
>clearer. For example, the sign for "door" here in Spain is two flat hands,
>palm toward self, fingers toward center, the fingertips of the dominant
>hand tapping the fingertips of the ND hand. Since the palm is toward me, I
>can easily write both HSs from the straight-on view. But I lose all sense
>of depth and don't know which hand is in front of the other. If I write it
>from the top-down view, I can clearly see which hand is in front of the
>other. Many times there is more than one way to write a sign. In class we
>often asked the students to come up with an alternative way to write the
>same sign and then we discussed why we might choose one over the other.
>Here is a question that we were asked: "If my hand is above my head, I look
>up and see the palm. How do I write that?" Actually it doesn't matter where
>your hand is in relation to your eyes (it's sort of a bird's-eye view, not
>a human-eye view). If your hand is palm down and fingers forward you can
>only write it from the top-down view (black with the fingers separate from
>the hand). You can't write it from the bottom looking up.
>Related to this, straight movements that go side to side can be written
>with either single-stemmed or double-stemmed arrows. Usually we use
>single-stemmed arrows because they're quicker to write, but again, the
>choice is left up to the writer. Both are correct.
>The key is, be flexible. Remember that there is often more than one way to
>do things. So, use the symbols to your advantage and make your writing as
>clear and easy to read as possible.
>Did I just muddy the water or what? Oh well.
>hasta luego,

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