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From:  xxx
Date:  Tue May 25, 1999  8:24 pm
Subject:  Re: New SignWriter Features?

I tend to agree. I too am not a fluent reader of Hebrew, yet when I see Hebrew
letters I always start reading from right to left as well. Cheryl Zapien

Don & Theresa G wrote:

> -----Original Message-----
> > 7. Might it be possible for columns to print from right to left
> instead
> >of left to right? This might seem strange to many, but it's the natural
> way
> >of writing Chinese characters when "in column mode" (as it were). When
> >Chinese people look at things written in columns, their eyes naturally
> start
> >reading at the top right side, and SW starts on the on the other ("the
> >wrong") side.
> Wayne:
> This is not necessarily a problem. I'm hardly a fluent reader of Hebrew,
> but my training from Hebrew school has rubbed off enough that when I do
> attempt to decipher Hebrew, I automatically start on the right side, even
> though I'm a native (and extremely fluent) reader of English, where I always
> start on the left side. I suspect that Chinese SW readers, once taught that
> they have to switch scanning to the "wrong" side, will start automatically
> doing so and it will become second nature for them. They might think it
> "weird" at first (like I did with Hebrew) but later they will think nothing
> of it for this particular writing system.
> --Donald Grushkin

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